The Silent Screamck

Every Year, 1000's of babies are killed needlessly before they are even given the chance to live

Ever wondered how they might view it?

This poem is dedicated to all those, whose hearts beat no longer
I'm safe, secure, protected - no needs or fears or worries.
My Kingdom lined with warmth, grows with me day by day
And even though it's very small, just try and turn me out.

But wait a minute!
I feel a mild disturbance.
Travelling towards me.
Trespassing in my territory,
Dismantling my privacy.
Alert to change in atmosphere,
Inpending danger now I fear.
What's happening my conscience asks?
Aliens with claws!
Infiltrating my delicate defences,
As bailiffs out to evict me.
I'm frightened, frenzied, in a daze,
My body has turned cold.
I've no weapons to do battle,
No chance to air my point of view.
No one witnessing my silent screams.
No place to hide or run away to.
Intimidated into retreat,
As the cavelry, they charge.
With no indication of emotion,
Their ferocious jaws.
They capture me.
Suppress and overthrow me.
Rip and penetrate my skin
And then destroy my tacit limbs.
Echoed cries sound out my doom
As blood flows freely from my wounds.

And then life terminates
Before it leaves its station..............