Here's a day in the life of the family Brown,
An average bunch from the edge of town.
There's a mother and father and Ashleigh their son
And three young girls, ages twelve, eight and one.
Plus a whole host of creatures who we'll all get to meet,
So now let's start this story in Anywhere Street.
The birds are singing, the clouds are high,
The sun has risen, lighting up the sky.
The alarm clock rings its piercing tones,
Life struggles out of bed with a sigh and a groan.
The Monday rush has started, no time to hang around,
All are late arising, even Bruno the bloodhound.
Breakfast is hurried in its usual way,
Cold tea and toast the order of the day.
Now Emma's stomping up and down, she just can't find her shoe,
The postman arrives at the door, with not one bill but two.
Father reads them hurriedly and then begins to shout,
That's another flaming hundred quid I'll have to fork out.
Mother tries to calm him down and feed the baby too,
And the cats have started fighting like they always seem to do.
And then the mass exit - the kids are off to school,
And father's off to surgery to write his usual scrall.
But with traffic at a standstill, more roadworks up ahead,
By the time he gets to work, his patients might be dead.
At last though he gets there, as usual very late,
His patients are all grumbling, for all, have had to wait.
All is peaceful back at home, tranquility restored,
And mother's tidying up the house, no time to get bored.
The babies flat out, fast asleep, the dog is snoring well,
But how long can this quiet last ? Only time can tell.
The lessons have now started in the local school,
Emma's doing history, Lisa's breaking rules
And Ashleigh's doing painting, mostly on the toilet walls.
Mother is still busy doing all the chores,
The cats continue in their daily wars.
Father down the surgery is gradually going mad,
For a dozen hypocondriacs are all the patients, he has had.
Finally, evening comes around and all are back at home
And the arguments have started on who first may use the 'phone.
Dinner is now ready - it's Cottage Pie tonight,
For once it isn't burnt, in fact it tastes all right.
Another fight, over what to watch on T.V..
But father puts his foot down, there's a program he wants to see.
The kids continue arguing, father can stand no more
And tells them all to go to bed or their bottoms will be sore.
It's been a really tiring day so parents take an early night,
But baby wakes up suddenly, giving everyone a fright.
Soon though all is quiet, the family is fast asleep,
The cats are happily purring all curled up in a heap.
Morning is approaching - the stars have left the sky,
The birds are singing sweetly -- the clouds are floating high,
The alarm clock rings its piecing tones, it's time to arise once more,
And all are wondering aimlessly what the day will have in store.
But that's another story to be continued one fine day,
Of an average type of family, at home, at work, at play.