A mission statement from:
The Church of St. Unwelcome

Crying babies - they always do - during the prayers,
Or we have to set up a creche
And find someone to run it.
No room at the inn.

People who wear yellow shoes and colour their hair,
They only do it to be different.
We need people to conform,
No room at the inn.

Young people, they have far to much energy,
Like loud music, destroy our precious building.
Want to be airing their opinions,
No room at the inn.

And don't forget the joker, the eccentric one,
Always good for a laugh.
We only need those who take things seriously.
No room at the inn.

Old people, they have nothing more to offer,
Always ill and demanding on our precious time.
We have better things to do,
No room at the inn.

People from other countries, with their strange customs,
Strange languages and exotic foods.
Sing their songs in such a joyful way.
No room at the inn.

Single parents, the unemployed, the homeless,
Oh! And alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill too.
We can not deal with these sort of people,
No room at the inn.

A crying baby - they always do - lying in a manger,
Surrounded by shepherds - and a few kings.
Emmanuel, God with us, A saviour to be, but....
No room at the inn.