Love is like an ever burning candle,
Sometimes it may flicker, but it never can go out.
Love is warmer than a summer's day,
That no northern wind can chill.
Love is knowing how and when to listen,
Even though we do not always understand.
Love is to show forgiveness
Even when it seems to hurt.
Love is sharing all our needs
Which will pass away with a caring smile.
Love is like a peaceful flowing river
Once it's cleared the fearful rocks.
Love is not making criticism,
But encouraging one another.
Love is never boastful,
For we can do no better.
Love is showing patience
No matter how long it takes.
Love is living joyfully, in harmony together.
No bad feelings, showing care and concern.
Love is giving to all we see around,
Giving God the credit for all that then abounds.
Love is a burning desire, deep within our hearts,
If our Love is in God - we share a love that never parts.
LOVE IS...................