Midi - Enya (Medley)
Dear Father

For a while now I've been trying to decide
How to tell you all that I'm feeling inside.
It's not an easy thing for me to do,
To reveal all the hurt and anger I feel because of you.

I wish you had been a better father to me;
Someone who was there, not an absentee.
It felt like you didn't care about anything I did or said
All you cared was about yourself instead.
You started spending so much of your time next door,
I felt that you liked the neighbor's company more.
Mom and I enjoyed the time alone though,
So we said if you want to be with them, go.

Another thing we did not have between us was communication
An important aspect in a father/daughter relation.

If you wanted to talk but weren't sure what to say,
I wish you could have told me that, it would have been okay.
There were times we could have helped each other out,
Isn't that what life is all about?

The most hurtful part though, is that I have no recollection
Of receiving from you any kind of affection.
Just a simple hug would have shown me that you care
But instead I started hoping to receive love elsewhere.

Even though it's not easy, I had to try to tell you what I'm feeling
Because it's an important step in the process of healing
In the past few months I've made some progress;
Someday I will meet with total success.
That's when I will able to look back on the past
And be able to forgive you for everything, at last.

written by  KTS