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EARLY WARNING SIGNS - The Bully At Work and how to spot them

For many, realising that bullying is occuring can take months, in some cases the realisation and acceptance that it is actually happening comes far too late and leads to terminal illnesses or suicide.

A bully uses many strategies to abuse their victim, all of which are done to cause confusion and distraction.

The following are just a few of the strategies a bully may have used on a victim. Do not discount any of these as just a feeling you have or that it's probably just you. It isn't  - This is what a bully will want you to think

You are persistently being "got at"
You feel that you are never listened to

Whatever you suggest is dismissed but then credit taken when presented by your bully to others who think it's a great idea

You are set-up to fail by being given impossible deadlines or your tasks are constantly being changed at short notice, when your bully know's there is far more important work to do

Your work and performance is criticised in the areas you are strongest and praised where weakest
You have responsibilty for an area of work but have all the decisions made for you

A bully will often remind you of any qualifications they have but deter you from gaining your own
You start to begin to question whether all these mistakes you make are your fault

The working relationship and environment feels different to any you have witnessed previously or for those in a first job, it sounds so different to what your friends and family experience

If you have identified any of these symptoms, there will be others which are discussed on future pages, then you need support, you need to get help and advice because it does not have to be this way and to let it continue won't make it  get any better. It will only get worse.

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