Supporting Victims of Workplace Bullying


Defining and answering this question is not an easy one because although bullying can be linked to racial or sexual  or religious discrimination and it can be these things, more often than not it should be defined in a category of its own because bullying is often not the result of the objection to or a dislike of gender or colour or creed, it is more commonly an abuse of power and in many cases is difficult to define. One common factor though is that anyone at any time can become the victim of a bully.

The Biggest Myth

You do not need to find out about workplace bullying because it may never happen to you.
You do not need to be warned about your car being stolen because you always lock it.

It may never happen to you - but it could because every day it does happen to someone.
You may not like to think it will happen but what will you do - if it does?

Bullying in the workplace is not always obvious, it is seldom extreme as in the form of physical violence or bodily abuse, because most companies have disciplinery procedures to deal with this.

Bullying can best be defined as a gradual wearing down process, a process that will slowly demean people, causing a feeling of inadequacy and  uselessness to a point when it seems impossible to do anything right, at first in the workplace, but then in our homes, for our partners or families and friends.

Bullying is illegal, but is hard to prove,  it's not on the agendas of politicians, local or national. Bullying has become the silent discrimination and an area which  because of the lack of specific legislation, a lack of understanding of the issues and the willingness to acknowledge that workplace bullying actually exists,  leaves its victims confused and without anyone to turn to.

In most cases due to the apathy shown in dealing with the issues of workplace bullying, it is hard to do anything about it, you can rarely change the bully, this means we have to change ourselves, and the following pages give brief and general advice on the tools we need to cope in a workplace where bullies function.

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