Supporting Victims of Workplace Bullying


Mission Statement

BBNM sponsored and supported by RAINWORKS UK was set up to reduce the incidences of workplace bullying

This will be accomplished by offering a resource that provides a wider and deeper understanding of the issues surrounding workplace bullying and by fostering an approach which promotes the physcological good health of employees, by providing a professional source of information, advice and support.

Access to the project is open to all individuals and organisations regardless of, colour, creed, gender or social backround. All clients will be given the highest respect and level of confidentiality.

BBNM's 4 main goals can be summarised thus:

1To offer support and advice services for all potential targets and victims of workplace bullying

2To offer specialist training and awareness programs

3To invite as many local organisations and businesses within the stated areas to become a
  partner in the promotion of good working practices and the reduction of workplace bullying

4To collate and publicise research via all avenues of media available


BBNM  offers you confidential advice, support and counselling, either by email or (one-to-one consultancy if you live in London and  the surrounding areas). Group workshops are also available

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