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Supporting Victims of Workplace Bullying

Every day in Great Britain - 1 in 10 people become the victims of workplace bullies,
Every year in every industry and work sector, an average of 20% of the workforce have been the victim of some form of personal bullying,

In a space of 5 years an average of 50% have witnessed bullying of one form or another  - and every day most of these people will go home thinking they have 2 choices - to resign or just to put up with it for fear of losing their job  (source UMIST)

There is another choice - an option that could even save your life!!

The following pages are full of information regarding Workplace Bullying, how to tackle it,
and practical advice on how to deal with and overcome it.

One of the hardest things to do is acknowledging or accepting that you are being bullied but........


It is not a weakness to admit that you are being bullied
You are not bullied because you are a weak person or have a weakness in your personality
It is not your fault, it never has been your fault
You are not alone

Click on the headings below to take you to  further information on workplace bullying

What is Be Bullied No More?

Defining Workplace Bullying

The Early Warning Signs - How To identify A Bully

Physical, Mental and Psychological Symptoms of Bullying

Dealing with A Bully

Feedback and Support Page

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