(A tale of Spiritual Blindness)

I thought my life was going well,
Until I lost a friend.
Swallowed by the shadows,
This seemed to be the end.
Like being imprisoned down a coalmine,
Alone, afraid, despaired,
My life was so restricted and no one really cared
In that suffocating blackness,
No glimmering light to guide me,
The silence - it was deafening,
The warmth had left my day.
There seemed to be no exit,
No one to get me out,
I'm lost, forgotten and mising,
A statistic from the past.
Trapped in this black oasis,
This tomb of mine I stand,
Why no one to rescue me?
To lend a helping hand
And then this strange thing happened,
A mysterious radiant light,
A face in the darkness
And two arms opened wide.
My life, it was about to change,
After what I did see,
On a wooden cross, there Jesus hung,
Bleeding, dying, crying out in agony,
The son of God, setting me free.

As Jesus breathed his last,
The sun it shone once more,
The chains of sin were broken,
The clouds, all blown away.
A door wide open - beckoning me,
To find eternal brightness,
To find a warming light.
I've swapped my life for Jesus
For this is whom I need,
For when I have a problem,
My prayers, I will say,
He will always have an answer,
He's a Friend in every way
And then when my time has passed
In heaven I will stay......

This poem was first published by Poetry Today in 1997 in a book of poetry called Garden of Peace,